Cycle Spinoff: Commons Won

Another story within a story when writing Cycle was the idea that Clotheds, as any modern society, would have anthems or hymns or some kind of shared/communal triumphal song(s) sung only on special occasions (like their “July 7 day”: kind of vague, but having a 7/7 day seemed to work since everyone else seems to like July for these things).

So anyway *boop*: the anthem Commons Won, where everyone has to stand at attention like we all have to do.  It even has one of those word-play things where kids never know whether they’re supposed to be singing Commons Won or Commons One.

I had the title, which was all I needed, but it kept gnawing at me what the words might actually be.  So I stuck with it a little longer than I should, and here they are:

❧ Commons Won by Grace of Thee,
Treasured pastures by Leave Be,
By Thy Neighbor’s be thine own,
From a seed until thine Grown. ❧

❧ Commons Won will always be,
In Common Peoples’ Majesty, to
Guard our Commons, Always Strong, for
Common Good, to Heal Wrong. ❧

❧ For all time, are Commons Won,
When Common Deeds, to Do, are Done, we
Bravely Offer, Bravely Share, we
Bravely Lend a hand to Bear. ❧

❧ Commons Won by Common Grace,
Our Trust in Others, Common Place. ❧


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