Yes, there * ARE * Henry Tool Attachments!


This is Henry.  The Numatic Henry HVR200-12 vacuum cleaner.  If you have ever traveled the Canadian British Columbia Ferry system, you might have seen one of these happy little dust suckers at work.  We did, and went to a commercial janitorial supply to buy one.  We’ve had it for years; it’s one of those hardy old-school designs that lasts forever.  His face hasn’t even scratched off.

But as a vacuum that swings to the commercial side, it comes only with the attachments you see above.  So we bought an official kit of attachments, the “AS1” (crevice tool, upholstery brush, etc.):

Henry AS1But look closer: 601141, the dreaded plastic adapter, without which none of the attachments fit, but with which, the attachments get jammed on so hard that (your mileage may vary) that we had to hack-saw them off and throw them all away.

For years I wandered the vacuum back-alleys asking if anyone, anywhere, made attachments for Henry that didn’t require an adapter.  Everyone knew and understood, but the answer was always the same: if you want to use attachments with a Henry, you have to use an adapter.

Until today.  There are attachments.  Bissell attachments.  We recently bought a Bissell PowerLifter 1309 and it came with attachments that fit perfectly inside Henry’s steel tube instead of outside.  They are then held in place by pneumatic force (which is all the trend anyway).  So not only have we solved our problem, but Henry gets new toys.



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